An example of Chef Eyal's creation

Gingerbread Fine Restaurant & Boutique Hotel

Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica

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Chef Eyal

With passion in all things creative in culinary and fine arts, nature and human spirit, Eyal, with his staff, bring generous hospitality to all that find their way to Gingerbread, our piece of paradise in Costa Rica. Welcome to our world! Pura Vida!

Eyal's culinary passion emerged at an early age while working in a catering company in Israel. At 21 he began his professional career in a unique way, he traveled the world. For 4 years he followed his love of food and the sport of rugby until it brought him to the United States, where he landed entrance into Kendall College in Chicago.

Eyal received his Culinary Degree in 1998 and not so many years later he returned home to Israel to be with family again. But the year 2003 found him searching for a place where he could share his passion for food and life the way he envisioned it, he found Costa Rica and fell in love.

Gingerbread is the creation that makes the perfect canvas for Eyal's culinary artworks in the carefree splendor of nature around Lake Arenal. Here he can work at his own pace and really enjoy the creative process of cuisine. He calls it International Fusion. Eyal prides himself on using local ingredients combined with French, Mediterranean, and California Fresh influences.

All this makes for a very diverse menu of tastes and textures that bring broad smiles to the faces of those fortunate enough to enjoy food that is prepared with love by Chef Eyal Ben-Menachem.