An example of Chef Eyal's creation

Gingerbread Fine Restaurant & Boutique Hotel

Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica

Call 506-2694-0039 or

10.5343° N, 84.8835° W

Member of Adventure Hotels of Costa Rica

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Gingerbread Staff

The staff at Gingerbread is a dedicated family of individuals that each bring something special to Gingerbread!

  • Eliza, your go to girl. She has been the longest standing staff member that knows it all when it comes to the Gingerbread experience
  • Marcelina, is working alongside Eyal developing a taste for cooking with heart!
  • Hazel, Marcy's right hand and another long-standing member with a smile for everyone
  • Priscilla, working hard in the kitchen preparing fresh local ingredients
  • Damaris, supporting the creation of Gingerbread's unique menu
  • Beth, greets you out front with a smile...
  • Lenny, keeping the facilities and grounds in top shape
  • Audret, interning in the kitchen with an interest in becoming a chef one day?

Their commitment and honest hard work has shaped Gingerbread into what it is today!