Gingerbread Arenal Fine Dining Restaurant


Top-Rated Restaurant in Nuevo Arenal, Guanacaste Costa Rica We offer overnight travelers and extended guests amazing room options, nightly dining, cocktails, and live music, plus guest exclusive breakfast each morning. Our mission is to lift your spirits, fill your soul with adventure, and feed your desire for amazing food.  Loved by Foodie Travelers When visiting … Read More

Live Bird Cam

Live Bird Camera Stay in paradise – the best boutique hotel in Costa Rica. Archive videos

Gingerbread Arenal Boutique Hotel


Your private room is ready. Gingerbread offers extended travelers and overnight guests on-site accommodations in Nuevo Arenal with 5 private room options. Three balcony rooms above the restaurant, providing beautiful water views of Lake Arenal, and two casita-style rooms tucked away within our gardens. Each spacious and hand-painted escape features comfortable furnishings, fresh linens, and … Read More

Gingerbread Arenal Restaurant and Hotel


Welcome to Gingerbread The Gingerbread Restaurant and Hotel is a fine-dining and boutique accommodation experience of a lifetime! Run by culinary master, Chef Eyal Benmenachem and family, be prepared to step into a world like no other.  Join us for dinner Orchestrated by the spirited head chef, Gingerbread’s Eyal takes every agreeable patron on a … Read More